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Coming Soon: Twitter and SEO
March 06, 2015

We covered some SEO practices earlier this month, but our tips centered on the basics to get you going. This time, let’s talk about the future and a social site that could change your search efforts. Right before the beginning of 2015, WordStream Inc. founder Larry Kim broke down the future of Twitter’s marketing possibilities….

3 Ways to Promote Your Business through Twitter Ads
August 21, 2014

Advertising on Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your website, generate leads or app installs, or boost social engagement with your business. Here are three things you can do with Twitter ads that can help your company benefit in different ways, depending on your social media advertising goals: 1.) Promoted Tweets Promoted Tweets…

Twitter Mute Feature Hides Over-Sharers from View
June 02, 2014

Do you know anyone on Twitter who is notorious for over-sharing every little detail of their life? Maybe the person is close enough of a business colleague or friend that you run the risk of damaging the relationship if you unfollow them or block them entirely. Twitter has a solution for those in this predicament…

New Twitter Profiles Coming Down the Pike
April 08, 2014

Twitter will be rolling out new and improved profiles soon featuring larger cover photos like we’re used to seeing on Facebook as well as new features to make certain Tweets stand out. Your most popular Tweets that drive the most engagement will soon appear somewhat larger than your other Tweets, and Twitter users will also…

Twitter Celebrates 8th birthday with Fun First Tweet Tool
March 21, 2014

Twitter turns eight years old today and to celebrate, the popular social network released a fun tool that lets users see the first Tweet they ever posted, according to Twitter’s official blog. Twitter users are encouraged to use the hashtag #FirstTweet to share their nostalgic maiden voyage into Twitter with their followers. How Do I…

Pinterest Overtakes Twitter in Popularity
January 07, 2014

Pinterest’s popularity has grown more than Twitter and LinkedIn combined over the last year, according to a Dec. 2013 study by Pew Research Center. The study provided digital advertisers with a wealth of information on where their target audience is currently and where it might be headed in 2014. Online social media users love Pinterest…

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