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Google Glass Launches New Updates
July 03, 2013

Google Glass, the much-talked-about computer that you wear like a pair of glasses, has launched its first browser to make it easier for users to surf the web on the go, according to Mashable. On its Project Glass Google+ page, Google announced this recent update as one of a handful of improvements rolling out early…

Facebook Redesign 2013
March 27, 2013

A Facebook redesign for 2013 is on its way to your page and this time it will embrace a more minimalist design. According to an announcement from Facebook’s Menlo Park, CA headquarters “Facebook is revamping its network starting today to become consistent across all platforms by adding multiple news feeds based on categories of interest…

Yahoo Embraces Social Media, Partners with Facebook
March 01, 2013

Yahoo is making changes. For the first time in four years, the website is re-designed and incorporates social media features such as newsfeed that are familiar to Facebook users. Partnering with Facebook New CEO Marissa Mayer is making a push to increase Yahoo’s page visits as well as revenue. In recent years, Yahoo has experienced…

New Myspace, Justin Timberlake Bringing Myspace Back
February 01, 2013

If it’s been a few years since you’ve ventured onto Myspace, you might want to take a look at the completely remodeled website. Musician/actor and Myspace owner, Justin Timberlake, launched the new Myspace website just two weeks ago. The release of was timed to happen simultaneously with the release of his first single in…

Twitter Adds Instagram-Like Photo Filters
December 20, 2012

Last Monday, Twitter added photo filters so that users can now edit and refine photos through the mobile photo-editing firm Aviary. The announcement from Twitter came just after Instagram pulled the popular Twitter Cards support from its app. With the support gone, Instagram images uploaded to Twitter showed up as links instead of actual photos. Despite…

Instagram & Twitter: Why You Can’t See Instagram Photos on Twitter
December 10, 2012

As many Twitter users have noticed, Instagram photos are no longer showing up in their news feed or tweets. Contrary to rumor, this is not a bug. Instagram has disabled “Twitter Card functionality,”  an app that allowed third-party images to appear on Twitter. This means that an Instagram photo will no longer show up on…

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