Call Of Duty License Agreement

We may at any time assign all or part of this agreement without notice. You may not assign this Agreement or transfer any rights to use the Services. ACTIVISION RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MODIFY THIS AGREEMENT AT ANY TIME, EXCEPT SECTION 16 (ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER), BY POSTING (1) CHANGES UNDER HTTP://SUPPORT.ACTIVISION.COM/LICENSE AND/OR CLICKING THE “ACCEPT” BUTTON; BY CONTINUING TO USE THE PROGRAM, YOU AGREE TO THE CHANGES. IF FUTURE CHANGES TO THIS AGREEMENT PROVE UNACCEPTABLE TO THEM OR PREVENT YOU FROM CONTINUING TO COMPLY WITH IT, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY TERMINATE THIS AGREEMENT AND IMMEDIATELY CEASE USING THE PROGRAM. ЕСЛИ КАКИЕ-ЛИБО БУДУЩИЕ ИЗМЕНЕНИЯ БУДУТ ВОПЛОЩЕНЫ В ФОРМЕ, ТРЕБУЮЩЕЙ ЩЕЛКНУТЬ ПО КНОПКЕ ПРИНЯТИЯ, ВЫ НЕ БУДЕТЕ ИМЕТЬ ВОЗМОЖНОСТИ ПРОДОЛЖИТЬ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЬСЯ ПРОГРАММОЙ, ПОКА НЕ ПОДТВЕРЖИТЕ СВОЕ ПРИНЯТИЕ ИЗМЕНЕННОГО СОГЛАШЕНИЯ. 4.4.3 Level 3. During Phase 3, teams will compete in single-elimination tournaments held on GameBattles ( to move on to subsequent competitions. After losing a match (as defined in section 4.4.5 below), teams are eliminated from the parenthesis. Teams that win their match move on to the next round of the tournament until all matches are played. The top two teams (2) in each Stage 3A tournament and the top four (4) teams in each Stage 3B tournament advance to Stage 4. The teams of each stage 3 tournaments will play until the end of the tournament, as the final results will determine the list of stage 4.

For games purchased by retailers on original media (e.g.B. on CD-ROM, DVD, etc.), you may permanently transfer all your rights and obligations related to the use of a game under this Agreement to another person who accepts the terms of this Agreement by physically transferring the original media, the original packaging and any manuals or other materials distributed with the game, provided that you permanently delete all copies and installations of the game in your possession or control. You agree to be solely responsible for all taxes, duties, duties, customs duties, withholdings, investments, etc., as well as all interest, penalties and supplements to be collected in connection with such transfer. Contrary to the above, Blizzard does not recognize an alleged replay of the matches….

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