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Organic Search » » » Search Engine Optimization is one of the few practitioners who has the technical expertise to deliver organic Page One placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our work increases traffic to your website which converts clicks to calls and calls to clients. How do we do this? Search Engine Optimization.

With seventy-five percent of all clicks being made on Organic Listings, we’ve found that there is no more valuable lead generation technique than professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website.

SEO is the technical art of refining the many elements that are contained both on page and off the website. Search engines use these elements to determine the listings in their results pages. The point of optimization is to present each element in its best possible light. We optimize your website to rank for relevant target keywords. While we utilize these sophisticated keyword development techniques to tease out untapped sub-categories of potential lead sources, works with the code and the content of your website to best match what Google is looking for in its algorithm.  Generally, here are the steps we take to bring your website to Page One:



  • Keyword Research to establish your keyword targets with the most relevant traffic.
  • Competitive Analysis to determine who is on Page One for your keyword targets and why. From this research we develop a strategy to outperform the current Top 10 websites for your keyword targets.
  • Website Code Analysis and edits to bring your website up to Google’s acceptable compliance levels with the W3C if necessary.
  • Content optimization to execute the strategy revealed in the research phase. is particularly skilled at hitting our desired content metric targets with the greatest degree of subtlety and smallest editorial impact.  Even though your web pages are optimized, they still read like you wrote them.
  • New page development for keyword targets.
  • Internal linking and navigation strategies.
  • Monthly Reporting Analysis to determine the effect of the changes.
  • Monthly repetition of the process to improve listings based on the feedback from the search engines and defending the new Page One listings against competition.
  • This list could go on for pages!