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Targeted Display Ads

Micro-Targeting advertising allows you to talk to your ideal customer while they are browsing the internet. Whether an ideal customer has visited your site and left without contacting you or you want to reach out to your perfect customer that’s never visited your site-you can talk to them.

How do we do this? We use Targeted Display Ad technology. A display ad is the kind of ad you see when on, the Wall street Journal, AOL, or any other major website. The technology serving these ads has progressed to the point where we are able to show ads to only those people most likely to respond.  You can target competitor’s customers, C-Level executives, or your specific buyers’ job description.


Re-Targeting Technology:

By placing a 'tracking cookie' on your website, is able to track the IPs of the visitors to your website. This information is a vital component in effectively targeting your perfect customer online. analyzes the website traffic and follows your 'high-intent' customers after they leave your website. While your perfect customer is browsing other sites we serve ads to reminding them about you. Campaigns are reporting 500% increases in response using re-targeting.

Micro-Targeting Technology: is able to target your perfect customer, even if they have not visited your website. Through analyzing what we know about your specific industry and ideal customers our specialists are able to Micro-Target your perfect customer while they are browsing the internet. This micro-targeting provides incredible brand recognition to a large group of potential customers.