Facebook News: 3 New Tools and Features You Need to Know

Facebook News

Facebook recently rolled out a few changes. Keep up to date on the latest Facebook news and learn about 3 ways Facebook is upgrading its social power. Start thinking about how these changes could enhance your social media marketing efforts in the future—or today.

  1. A Free Education in Social Media Marketing

Facebook just released new free resources for businesses and organizations of all sizes to boost their social media education. One resource, Blueprint, offers modules and courses on Facebook marketing, so you can identify and navigate the challenges that affect your business. Curriculum like Blueprint is often best digested in bite-size pieces, so plan to move through it in sections over the next few months either alone or with your team.

The second resource is simply called Learn How. It’ll teach you basic skills like navigating page settings, running ads, and interpreting data. Learn How is a great place to go when you need to be walked through a process.

  1. Money Transfer and B2C Communication via Messenger

In Mid-March, Facebook granted users the opportunity to transfer money via Facebook messenger. Then it took Messenger’s functionality one step further by letting businesses use it to communicate with their customers for an improved online shopping experience. Currently, businesses like Everlane and Zulily are able to use Messenger to send shoppers receipts and order information.

If you’re already calculating the commercial benefits of Facebook Messenger, you’re not alone. Re/code writes that Everlane’s Michael Preysman has hopes for Messenger to “drive demand and new purchases” in the future.

How could Messenger marketing boost your business? If your business provides a service, could it be used for scheduling appointments or sending maintenance reminders? What about the ability to send coupons, images, and info in real time?

  1. More Opportunities for Apps

There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to how customers interact with your product and business. Online consumer behavior is essential to tracking progress. In light of that, Facebook is offering Analytics for Apps so you can access analytics on your company’s app and website. Facebook explains that the analytics can reveal stats to better inform marketing efforts, such as which devices visitors use to access your site or app.

Speaking of apps and Messenger, Facebook sparked a lot of attention by offering up a platform compatible with Messenger. Now developers can create even more apps that work seamlessly with Facebook’s Messenger experience, bringing more media into conversations. Right now Facebook Messenger apps are mostly for adding elements like gifs, music, and images to a conversation, but big-name companies ESPN and The Weather Channel also have apps. How could future apps increase content sharing via Messenger and expand your marketing campaign reach?

With greater ways to share, your company’s content could make its way directly into consumers’ hands. Visual elements like images and infographics often go viral. Imagine if your company’s content could be shared easily via Messenger and tagged with your company name or site URL. Instead of waiting for users to find your Pinterest or Tumblr and then re-share posts, you could create entertaining or educational visuals that make their way directly into Messenger conversations, targeting potential customers you might have previously never had access to.

Stay up to date with social media marketing. We’ll continue to highlight news, tips, and relevant information in the Bigfin.com blog. Are you wondering about your options for social media marketing? From Facebook ads to Google+ posts, Bigfin curates and creates social content that mirrors your brand and messaging.

Learn more about how we manage your social presence so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

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Coming Soon: Twitter and SEO

Coming Soon Twitter and SEO
We covered some SEO practices earlier this month, but our tips centered on the basics to get you going. This time, let’s talk about the future and a social site that could change your search efforts.

Right before the beginning of 2015, WordStream Inc. founder Larry Kim broke down the future of Twitter’s marketing possibilities. Amidst Twitter’s big plans is a focus on reaching not just existing Twitter users, but online users in general. The question is how to connect with casual browsers and searchers, and the answer is partly SEO.

The elusive users who view Twitter content but aren’t registered on the social site or logged in while viewing are called logged out users, and Twitter wants to grab this audience, which is good for your business—because you do too.

Better for Business

If your company has a large customer base and you’ve been using social media strategies, you might already have a sizeable, engaged online following via social platforms. But if you have a large customer base and haven’t implemented a social media strategy or your company is new, rebranding, or experiencing growth, your social accounts like Google+ and Facebook foster much traffic or activity. How do you get your current customers to find and engage with your social pages? How do you reach new customers using your social sites alone? Twitter plans to make the process of finding relevant content easier, which could aid your marketing efforts.

According to Larry Kim, Twitter has said they’ll use SEO to connect with more people. The company also plans to clean up content structure and subject-based search relevance. Kim advises that marketing industry pros take action now by looking at how to better optimize Tweets.

If you add a trending hashtag to an unrelated Tweet, readers will quickly dismiss both your content and credibility. Kim speculates that eventually “Google search keyword data may play a greater role in your Twitter content optimization,” applying SEO best practices to the social content you publish. A head start on approaching social posts with SEO could give you an edge as Twitter leverages search.

Social Media And SEO Are Related

Even now social media affects SEO. Part of ranking high on the search engine results page (SERP) comes from having backlinks, other sites that link to yours. Quality, relevant links will help the most, while inferior ones can actually hurt. When your company appears on social platforms with a link to your site, you’re helping tell Google that your business’ site is popular and credible, so Google should rank it higher in search.

Link Up

Once your site or social page receives traffic, you have to figure out what to do with those viewers. The profitable answer is engage. Build your brand by posting quality information, links and media, communicating with current and potential clients, and making yourself reachable via search and marketing channels. Kim points out that reaching logged out users calls for new methodology. If you want to capture the attention of the searchers who don’t want to create a Twitter or other account, you might need to lead them to your blog, for example, he suggests.

Set up feeds and embed buttons to stretch your Twitter reach, Larry Kim advises. Does your website have a link to your Twitter account? What about your LinkedIn, blog, and Facebook page? Integrate accounts for maximum exposure, and know you’re also increasing SEO just by inserting these relevant backlinks in social pages and content.

Coordinating social media and SEO can be difficult, especially when you have a business to run. We manage the social, SEO, and PPC accounts of businesses big and small for exactly this reason. Learn more about Bigfin.com’s social media management and SEO.

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5 SEO Tips for 2015

Our 5 SEO tips for 2015 are not tips you have never heard before, nor are they risky in any way. If you understand Google and the world of SEO you will know that risk is never the way to go. At Bigfin we simply perfect and improve tried methods that have worked over the years and are working for our clients every day. So, let’s get into it!

1. Create links. The art of creating links is not gone.  A link is a credible way to get people back to your site and looking at your products and services. Link building is not bad, but you can use the technique poorly. In 2015 focus on creating links with interesting content that people are happy to share.

Look at what Nordstrom is doing below with their SEO. They are sharing a phrase with a great photo and sending their customers back to their site with the corresponding link.

Nordstrom Facebook Page

2. Content, content, content! You have probably heard so much about content that you are starting to get bored. Don’t get bored: content is interesting no matter the business or service. Find something fascinating in your niche and write about it. The goal is to get your client or customer to see you as the expert. Oh, and pretty photos are encouraged.

Take a look at what Michaels has done with their blog on gift wrapping. And yes, you guessed it; they sell all of the products listed, which helps generate sales.

Michaels Wrapping Post

3. PR is a part of SEO. Another great way to get your brand in front of people is a little touch of PR. It’s not wrong to find a business that complements yours and tastefully promote each other via social media or  blog posts. For example if you sell wool hats and someone sells cashmere sweaters, cross promoting will benefit both parties. Simply send an email and ask a contact from the other business if they wouldn’t mind connecting.

In the example below the blogger at exPress- o has put together a list of hostess gift ideas that leads to the product pages for purchasing. Imagine how you could boost your brand reputation by creating connections with popular bloggers and content creators.

The Best Christmas Gift

4. Social Media is part of SEO. Social media and SEO are separate but one in the same. What else would you share on social media frequently besides your product or service and an understanding of why your ideal customer needs it? Trust us: it’s not annoying—people follow you to know about your brand.  And don’t forget to hashtag with relevant words so your online presence shows up in searches.

For an example of sharable social content, take a look at what FedEx is doing on Twitter; we particularly like the post, “A day in the life of a New York courier…”

Fedex Twitter

5. Use Google+ to your benefit. In 2015 there really is no reason not to use Google+. Google+ helps you with social media, link credibility, and local search. Use your business’ presence on Google+ to execute these five tips, and your marketing efforts will benefit. Google+ is connected and run by Google the search engine we all know and want to know us, so it’s a must for 2015.

Below is the Bigfin Google+ page with relevant articles and information for clients and customers to enjoy and share.

Bigfin Google+

SEO takes time and practice, and that’s what we do here at Bigfin.com.  Applying these tips will greatly increase the benefits of your SEO efforts throughout this year. Contact us if you are looking for assistance growing your brand awareness in 2015, and we will help you create and implement strategies customized to your business.

5 SEO Tips for 2015

About Bigfin.com

Bigfin.com LLC is an industry leader in online advertisingSEO and custom web design. Our comprehensive digital marketing solutions include social media management as well as social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social outlets. Looking for mobile website solutions or help with search engine marketingContact us online or by phone at 425-822-8200.

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